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What Does Your Certification Mean?

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A Consumer's Checklist to See what Your Contractor's Certification Really Entails
Certification Requirements New Page 2
Minimum # of Customer Referrals 12
Pass BBB Background Check Yes
Proof of Insurance Yes
Proof of Workmen's Compensation (if applicable) Yes
Minimum # of Ponds Installed 12
Individual Web Page Yes
Covers More Than Mfg's Specific Knowledge Yes
Free Attendance to Educational Seminars Yes
Certifies through a Neutral Trade Association Yes
Complaint Enforcement Policies in Place Yes
Arbitration offered on disputes Yes
International Standing of Certification Yes
Ongoing Contractor Quality Control Yes
Open Book Testing for Certification Exam No
Proven Field Experience Necessary Yes
Specific Locations for Testing No
Certification Exam Yes
Mandatory to Use a Specific Mfg Products No
Required to write an Essay No
Proof of Business License Yes
Local Supplier Endorsement Required No
Certifies Individual Not Company Yes
Code of Ethics Adherence Required Yes