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Easy Pro Certified Aquatic Specialist

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Once you’ve met IPPCA CPPC standards, you may apply for Easy Pro Certified Aquatic Specialist status. To achieve this, you will simply supply the IPPCA with a signed Certificate of Competency from your local Easy Pro distributor (we’ll supply the blank document to you at your request when you’re qualified to apply), or supply proof of purchase of Easy Pro specific products of enough quantity to have installed 3 (three) or more ponds or “Just a falls” systems. A one time processing fee of $50.00 will be required if requirements are not met within 30 (thirty) days of initial qualification as an IPPCA CPPC. If done within the first 30 (thirty) days, this fee will be waived. There will be no additional fees required at your annual IPPCA membership renewal time, and once listed as an Easy Pro Certified Aquatic Specialist in our files, your renewal with the IPPCA will automatically renew your status with Easy Pro as well.

You will now be authorized to use the Easy Pro Certified Aquatic Specialist logo in your marketing and advertising (see membership rules).

A point of note: If for any reason you loose or non-renew your IPPCA CPPC status and membership, your Easy Pro Certified Aquatic Specialist status will be ended as well.

One other benefit of becoming an IPPCA CPPC (Certified Professional Pond Contractor) will be the certified members’ only forum. This will be an online message board to run questions and info past your peers.

No one else in the Pond and Waterscape industry offers you all this as a memeber. It’s just one more step that the IPPCA is undertaking to help strengthen, unite and improve the Pond and Waterscape industry.