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About Us

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The International Professional Pond Companies Association (IPPCA) was formed by pond contractors to unite the water garden industry. The IPPCA, when only a year old, was ranked the #1 Association to affect the pond and water garden industry in '05, '06 and beyond, by the Industry leading trade magazine, Water Garden News. (Jan. 06 issue.)

The IPPCA is a source for reliable, competent installers for the consumer, as well as a source of ongoing information and educational materials for contractors.

Additionally, the IPPCA serves as a conduit for contractors and manufacturers to exchange information and input on new products, product improvements, and exchange notes from the field, as well as from the factory.

The IPPCA is developing the "IN" network, short for IPPCA Internet Information Network. See these informational websites: and,, and

The IPPCA is a neutral entity, and will not favor any one manufacturer, product line, or installation methodology. The IPPCA embraces ALL competent, professional grade products and installation methodologies in the water garden industry today.

Each IPPCA contractor member will have the opportunity to become certified, as a further demonstration of their skills, to empower the consumer with valued credentials which they can then rely upon when making a decision as to which contractor to hire.

The IPPCA will be issuing certification, with appropriate qualification, to contractors on two levels beyond basic contractor membership:

  • Certified Professional Pond Contractor (CPPC)
  • Certified Master Pond Contractor (CMPC).
These levels will establish your expertise, credibility and professionalism to your potential customers, as well as your peers. Certification will be issued to an individual, not a company.

Basic contractor membership in the IPPCA will consist of:

  • Three Contractor Rating Forms minimum, received, using online form at
  • Entrance Evaluation Exam completed: Link supplied after application is accepted.
  • Signed One-Year Contract of Services returned to IPPCA.
Basic Requirement MUST be fulfilled within 90 days of acknowledgement of receipt of application. Non-compliance will result in revocation of membership.

Important note for consumers:
You will be able to search for a pond contractor near you by selecting the State or Province in which you live. There you will be able to view each IPPCA members' credentials and certification.

You, as the consumer, play a vital role in helping to maintain a higher standard in the industry, as you will be given the opportunity to give feedback on your contractor which will help to determine their star rating.

All of our members are rated from 1 to 5 stars by you. So please take two minutes, when your project is complete, to fill out a quick on-line form so that we may maintain the highest standards in the industry. Contractor Rating Form