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Max Phelps

K Non-Active Contractor
Approved Firestone Installer.
Max Phelps -
Rock Castles Landscaping
Florida, Florida
United States of America
606 416 3911
Mobile: (704) 477-7435
Service Locations: FL
Max Phelps 's Showcase
A member since:
January, 2005

Max Phelps, the waterfalls expert, with Rock Castles Landscaping, has a background that includes accounting, beekeeping, farming, landscaping, garden center management, construction work, factory worker, gardening,
and author. He is a graduate of Somerset Community College and University of the Cumberlands in
Kentucky (where he received the Outstanding Senior Award in 1978), and is a conscientious and
caring craftsman.

"Waterfalls Are Our Specialty" has been Rock Castles' slogan for over a decade. The homeowner
or business client gets the hands-on artistic work of a knowledgable professional who has won
several awards for his natural looking waterfeatures and stonework.

Rock Castles has Certified Aquascape Contractor certificates in the office for 2003 - 2008 and
Max has Firestone liner certification. We have customer references in six states.

If you want an awesome job on that WATERGARDEN you've been dreaming about, send us an email.
We use rustic boulders, lovely plantings, the natural look (formal if you prefer) together with
quality equipment for a carefree pond and ecosystem. Our work will make your yard the envy of
the neighbors.

Call us (863) 257-4068 in Florida, (704) 477-7435 in North Carolina, or in
Kentucky and Tennessee call (606)416-3911....or email for a free phone or
email consultation. (We've found it necessary to charge a modest fee for in-person consultations).
Waterfalls, streams, ponds, unusual or natural-appearing landscape plantings, and other landscaping.

Awards & Certificates:
InfoTanza™ 2008
    Honorable Mention Most Natural Looking Stream
    Honorable Mention Most Natural Looking Waterfall & Stream
InfoTanza™ 2009
    2nd Place Most Natural Looking Stream
    2nd Place Most Natural Looking Stream
    Honorable Mention Best Looking Overall
    Honorable Mention Overcoming the Mos Challenging Setting
2009 TOP GUN™
InfoTanza™ 2010
    1st Most Natural Looking Waterfall & Stream
    1st Best Integrating With Setting
    1st Most Unique Design
    2nd Most Natural Looking Waterfall
    Honorable Mention Best Looking Overall