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IPPCA Certification Levels

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionSend by emailSend by emailThe IPPCA will also be issuing certification, with appropriate qualification, to contractors on two levels plus we offer a growing number of manufacturers' specific certifications that are directly tied to and are a fringe benefit of your IPPCA certification. These levels will establish your marketabilty as well as expertise, credibility and professionalism to your potential customers, as well as your peers.

To get certified by the IPPCA as a CPPC, you must first be a Member in good standing with the IPPCA.

The second step will be to upgrade your membership to an Approved Contractor Member.

Initial qualification for Approved Contractor membership in the IPPCA will consist of the steps listed below. To become certified by the IPPCA, you must first achieve this level of membership. NOTE: Becoming certified by the IPPCA as a Certified Professional Pond Contractor (CPPC) costs you NO additional money beyond the cost of your Approved Contractor membership.
  1. Apply and meet Approved Contractor Membership requirements:
    • Three (3) Filled out "online" Customer Satisfaction Rating forms.
    • Membership dues must be paid in full for the year.
    • Signed annual Services Agreement. (Agree to follow IPPCA rules)
    • Pass BBB background check.
    • Take Entrance Evaluation Exam. (No pass or fail.)
    • Supply information to complete your personal webpage on
    You will now be authorized to use the IPPCA logo but not the IPPCA CPPC logo in your marketing and advertising (see membership rules and link below for further certification information).
  2. To become an IPPCA Certified Professional Pond Contractor (CPPC):. Inform us of your intention to achieve CPPC status; this will entail, inclusive of the above, the additional requirements of:
    • A minimum of nine (9) more Customer Satisfaction Rating forms filled out and submitted online.
    • Proof of appropriate local business license(s).
    • Proof of Workman’s Compensation Insurance, if applicable.
    • Proof of a minimum $1 million General Liability Insurance listing IPPCA as Certificate of Insurance holder. Note:If insurance expires your CPPC status will be suspended until coverage is re-confirmed.
    • Pass Certification Exam with a 90% or better score.
    • Requested but not mandatory at this time: Continue to have customers send in Customer Satisfaction Rating Forms for the rest of your business career, supplying you and the IPPCA with ongoing valuable customer feed back on your company’s performance in the field. This information will NOT be used or distributed outside of the IPPCA office(s).
    You will now be authorized to use the IPPCA CPPC logo in your marketing and advertising (see membership rules).

Best In The Industry

Best In The Industry