Wednesday, Oct. 21 – Friday, Oct. 23

Green Industry Conference and School of Grounds Management
Louisville, Kentucky

Nov. 9 – 13
The 2015 Irrigation Show & Education Conference

In Conjunction with Irrigation Show

Pond and Waterscape Industry Information Extravaganza,
Symposium and Trade Show


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2011 Testimonials

I found that this years IA Show in San Diego was the best that I have attended. One of the key reasons is that grouping most of the water feature related companies together in a Pond Pavilion helped draw more customer traffic. I also feel that the show was advertised well in advance enabling contractors to be able to schedule the show into their agenda. I did hear positive feedback regarding most of the classes. Two other events that I enjoyed was the IPPCA awards banquet Sunday night at the House of Blues. This was a fun evening that was spent talking to contractors, distributors and other manufactures, winning the Product of the Year with the ShinMaywa XP pump certainly did not distract from the fun! The other event that I found really enjoyable was the Pond Build at Loma Linda, it was fun and informative to actually witness a team of professionals putting together a complete feature in 2 days, the end result was amazing.

I hope that IPPCA can arrange to be part of the IA Show in 2012 with another Pavilion venue, I am looking forward to presenting the ShinMaywa line of pumps in Orlando.

Best regards,
Fielding Pump

Thanks for all your effort on the past IA show. I’m looking forward to the next IPPCA show in Orlando next year. I’d like to put in a request for Airmax to be a guest speaker at the seminar event. Our talk bridges both pond and lake and water gardening, with the emphasis on aeration and balanced ecosystems, but we also talk about the business opportunities that lie in the large pond and lake arena. It’s not a talk about Airmax, but a talk about new potential revenue sources available to virtually every attendee. Our talks have always been well received and I’m certain we’ll live up to your expectations. I hope you consider us for this opportunity to educate.


Rick Weidman
Airmax Eco-Systems
6135 King Rd.
Marine City, MI 48039
Cell - 810-580-1984
Fax - 810-765-8600


I didn't think it could be done, but this past InfoTanza in San Diego was the best ever. The caliber of the speakers including John Russell, Rick Bartel, and Demi Fortuna was excellent. I do believe I received a college education in pond building, closing the sale, and aquatic plants in one short week-end.

Also, seeing Greg Wittstock there, and being able to thank him personally for helping me get started in the grand adventure was a sweet moment. Thanks for everything. I'm looking forward to next year.

Cor Van Diepen
Paradise Landscaping
Torrance, CA

2010 Testimonials

I would like to thank the IPPCA for a great experience at INFOTANZA 2010. I learned a great deal along with meeting some great new friends. Their Knowledge will be an enormous resource to me in the future. I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

David Dickson
Delmarva Koi and Water Gardens

I just want to Thank You for letting me come to the Seminar yesterday. All the thoughts and ideas are falling into place and I have a great deal of knowledge of how to proceed with my arts and crafts. Your members are a great group of folks and I know you are proud to be their friends.

The experience was only surpassed by your hospitality.

Thank you again,

JoANN Elmore
Atlanta Koi Club
Snellville, Georgia

2009 Testimonials

Danner Manufacturing

Congratulations on presenting (and surviving!) another great Infotanza. From our official point of view:

We at Danner Manufacturing wish to thank the IPPCA for inviting us to participate in Infotanza 2009. Congratulations are certainly in order. Once again, you have succeeded in bringing contractors, dealers, exhibitors and experts from the field together in an informative and impartial forum that fosters the spirit of educational cooperation rather than competition. The presentation syllabus was amazing -- four days of seminars and hands-on demonstrations that instructed in every facet of our industry, from pumps to plumbing to water quality to lining to sales to photography (tips any pond builder can really use!). As both a presenter and an attendee, I personally appreciate the opportunity to freely exchange information that helps grow and improve our industry, without the "us versus them" tone that colors the typical trade show or manufacturer's seminars.

Demi Fortuna
Danner Mfg., Inc.
ProLine Product Manager
190 Oval Drive Islandia NY 11749-1489
Phone 631.439.1885 • Fax 631.439.5713

Graystone Industries/American Pond™

To the members and staff of the IPPCA,

I would like to offer my most heartfelt thank you for the warm welcome your staff and members extended to me during the 2009 Infotanza in Atlanta.

The entire event was a shining example of what a motivated group of like minded individuals can accomplish for our Water Garden industry.

Over the course of the 4 day conference I had the opportunity to sit in on many of the presentations offered. I found the speakers to be professional and entertaining. They had the unique ability to disseminate important and complex information in an easy to understand manner. The seminars have provided your members with knowledge and practical advice they can immediately implement in their businesses to increase their sales and marketability in this unfortunate economic climate.

The manufacturer’s representatives were helpful as well as knowledgeable and allowed attendees to learn first hand about new and exciting advances in Pond and Water Garden products. I am sure their excellent participation will help grow the industry in general as well as provide each of them new customers for their respective product lines.

I would also like to thank you for allowing me to assist IPPCA members by presenting the marketing seminar on Thursday. I enjoyed seeing the faces of many attendees as they reached their “AH HA” moment and the true learning began. The questions they posed and the enthusiasm of the group for this complex topic assured me that they each left with the ability to better promote and grow their businesses.

As a sponsor of the 2009 Waterfall building photo contest I was simply amazed by the entries and the quality of work displayed. I left knowing that our corporate sponsorship prizes were well deserved and had been dispensed to some of the most elite installers in the industry.

For many years now I have traveled the US, attending, and occasionally speaking at, different industry shows and events. Recently I have noticed a rather disappointing trend of cancelled trade shows and organizations that talk a good game but fail to deliver satisfactory learning experiences. It is my opinion that Infotanza 2009 rose above the common and delivered an exciting event of the highest caliber.

Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of the Inforaza 2009 event. I look forward to seeing the continued growth and achievements of the IPPCA during this coming year.

Best wishes, John Olson Chief Executive Officer Graystone Industries, Inc. 954-746-0033

Freddie Combas Florida Water Gardens, Inc.

InfoTanza 2009 was awesome! Gil (my Contruction Manager) & I looked at each other during a few of the seminars because we new that what was being presented would have an immediate impact to what we have been currently offering our customers and would create a positive financial gain for our company while also increasing our product's performance, efficiency and longevity. We have already contacted a few of our customers for possible retrofits using the one manufacturer's product. We also networked with another of the manufacturers that will now be custom making a product for us that we have been making ourselves costing us too much time and money! Which products? Which manufacturers? YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE! Stay at home during InfoTanza equals staying at home through the Winter while those of us that attended get to implement what we saw, learned, heard and networked! In other words.......You snooze, you loose! Thanks to the IPPCA staff for a job well done, the attending and supporting memebers and all the manufacturers and sponsors of the event. I look forward to next year's InfoTanza! Freddie Combas Florida Water Gardens, Inc.

Max Taylor, Magnolia Ponds & Water Gardens

My first INFOTANZA did not disappoint me. From the beginning to the end, I was taking notes and learning. But, another major benefit was the PEOPLE of IPPCA. Everyone was more than helpful. Everyone wanted to answer questions. Everyone had ideas that someone else could benefit from. Max Taylor Magnolia Ponds & Water Gardens
Pond Event of the Year.

Mike White, White Water Filters

This maybe one of the greatest understatements in a very long time. If you didn't make it to this year's Info Tanza then you missed the best one ever. Having attended four of the five Info Tanza's I can say that this year's event was the best and will be hard to improve on it. It started off with Firestone's certification which we have had before but that was followed up with a hands on seaming. This I am sure was a first in industry and it was excellent. This was followed up with talks on every subject imaginable with excellent networking lunches and dinners. I thought that 2005 was going to be hard to beat but I was wrong. My hat is off to Dave and Gloria, you two did good and you have my thanks. I can't wait to see how you improve next years. I mean this year even had a paper airplane contest from the eight floor. What more can you ask for? Mike White White Water Filters

Great Lakes Bio Systems

I want to thank you again for asking me to participate in the IPPCA InfoTanza conference this past fall, as usual it was educational and provided me with the opportunity to meet pond professional’s from around the country. In this fractionalized pond industry it’s hard to know were to go to meet pond professionals. Do I go to landscape, irrigation, hardware, garden center or pet store shows? All of them sell water garden supplies. Other water garden groups and shows have come and gone but the members of the IPPCA appear to be truly dedicated to their profession and is why I will continue to support the IPPCA and encourage others to do so as well. Keep up the good work. Warren Franz Great Lakes Bio Systems 13916 Leetsbir Road Sturtevant, Wisconsin 53177

Xstream Aquatics

Thanks IPPCA

Today I received a phone call from a local turf and landscape company asking me to stop by their office and to bring my certification from firestone. I said sure I'd be by later. After arriving and talking for a few minutes I asked how did you get my information, and he said on the firestones website. So you may ask, how did I arrive at getting my firestone certification. That's easy, I attended InfoTanza, an event put on every year by the IPPCA. I attended a class on Firestone liner. There I received valuable information on EPDM liner with hands on training from Bill Johnson on how to seam liner. I used to turn down jobs due to the lack of knowledge of seaming liner but now those days are over thanks to Bill Johnson, the InfoTanza and all my knowledgable friends I've meet thru the IPPCA. I know this is just the first of many opportunites now for my business to grow. Once again THANK YOU!!!! Xstream Aquatics Larry Moore Jr. 216 Proud Clarion Way Danville, KY 40422 859-329-9043