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Our Mission: To Promote, Protect, and Advance the Pond & Waterscape Industry.

The International Professional Pond Companies Association (IPPCA)

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The IPPCA is the Not-for-profit (501(c)6) Pond and Waterscape Industry's Official Trade Association. The IPPCA offers consumers pre-qualified professional members in their own market area along with International Contractor Certification to its professional members.  Our goal is to ensure that a high level of quality standards are met within the Pond and Waterscape industry. All of the contractors listed on this site have either met or exceeded these standards. The IPPCA was formed in 2004 to fill a void in the Pond and Waterscape Industry not served by any other entity existing at that time.

Consumers : When you search for a member on our site, you can do so with confidence, because you are dealing with pre-qualified professionals that are held accountable to the highest membership standards in the Pond and Waterscape Industry. These members will save you not only time and money, but future aggravation and disappointment as well. That is the IPPCA's pledge to you.

If you are looking for a Professional Pond Contractor to build or service your pond or water feature, you can easily locate one near you by searching on the Locate A Contractor data base on the upper left hand side menu bar. You can also locate a Retailer, Wholesaler or Distributor near you to help you locate the things you will need or want from a retail or wholesale standpoint on the Locate a Retailer data search in the same area.

The IPPCA is not politically driven. We are Mission driven. Our Mission: To Promote, Protect and Advance the Pond and Waterscape Industry. The IPPCA is a neutral entity, and will not favor any one manufacturer, product line, installation methodology or services, nor do we solicit any endorsements of our mission although we welcome and have received many of them.

In an effort to better unify and strengthen the overall Pond and Waterscape Industry, the IPPCA offers its members and visitors access to a vast and ever growing selection of supporting manufacturers' product lines, information and product referrals along with ideas from the Certified Pond Professionals working out in the field. The IPPCA welcomes and embraces ALL competent, professional grade products and installation methodologies in the pond and waterscape industry today.

We would also like to thank all of the Professional Members of our Pond Trade Association who understand the importance of Industry Unity with the inherent higher standards that can be achieved thereby and who have contributed to our tremendous growth and success.

For more information regarding product manufacturers, you can always visit our Corporate Members section on the upper left main menu bar, which has the companies listed in alphabetical order with links to their homepages and other contact information. Membership information, including requirements and benefits can be found in our Memberships section located in the same area.

Corporate Members : We would like to thank our Corporate Members for helping to make this site possible. We think you will find the links to their sites a very valuable asset in seeking out information regarding the vast selection of products available to today's pondkeeper.

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